Why Work-Life Balance is Increasingly Important for Employers

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Work-Life Balance

In the past, it was enough for an employer to give employees a fair wage, a comfortable place to work, and a reasonable hope for advancement. But it is becoming increasingly important for employers to take a broader perspective and think about the way professional life and personal life intersect. This is most commonly known as the work-life balance, and for today’s employers, it’s a crucial consideration. Here’s why:

Promote Retention

Burnout in IT is common. And the primary reason it happens is that employees feel like they live to work. If your organization is serious about retaining employees, particularly your top talent, you need to prioritize the work-life balance. Happy employees who feel personally acknowledged by their employers naturally stick around for longer. Ultimately, that makes your job as manager easier, keeps you connected to team members that make a valuable contribution, and cuts down on the time and cost necessary for recruiting and training.

Improve Recruiting

Qualified IT professionals have a lot of choices in the job market. And as they are considering which opportunity they are going to accept next, do you think they will choose the company that has a reputation for working the team into the ground? Word spreads in the IT community. Making the work-life balance a priority casts your company in a positive light. Neglecting it has just the opposite effect. Just consider the example of a company like Google. Part of the reason that amazing technical minds flock to work for them is that they are famous for the work-life balance they promote.

Enhance Performance

Employees who feel worn down by their jobs will inevitably become less efficient, less productive, and less innovative. Somewhat paradoxically, one of the best ways to achieve your strategic outcomes is to let your employees spend more time away from work and more time pursuing their own objectives. Keep in mind, too, that it’s possible to achieve a better work-life balance without suddenly giving everyone a six-week vacation. Introducing flexible scheduling and offering work from home opportunities are two easy ways to refresh employees while still keeping them on the schedule.

Now that you understand just how important the work-life balance is in today’s business world, it’s time to set about improving it at your company. Step one is to enlist a partner that can introduce you to proven strategies that work for you, and work for your employees. Start by contacting INSPYR Solutions.

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