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One of the challenges of the modern working world is that it can seem difficult to maintain company culture when you have teams in different locations with a mixture of hybrid, remote, and in-office team members. No matter where your team members are, there are certain things you can do to maintain your company culture and help your employees feel like they belong.

Ask Your Team

One of the most important resources for learning about your team in order to shape your culture is your team itself. Maintaining consistent and open communication between your company’s leadership and the rest of the team is vital to understanding the state of your company culture. Seeking feedback through a variety of channels can help leadership stay in touch with the team, learn what motivates them, gauge morale, and see what is working and what can be improved. Gathering feedback through town hall meetings, employee satisfaction surveys, review processes, and employee resource groups can all help you determine ways to enhance the company culture and address difficulties your team has been experiencing.

Establish a Digital Base of Operations

As your company grows and expands to new locations, it can become difficult to maintain company culture across different time zones and markets. An important tool for overcoming this obstacle is utilizing a digital base of operations that everyone can access. This can be something like a company SharePoint, message board, or Slack channels designated for announcements, team building, and chatting. Whatever the medium, this should be a place where employees can stay in touch, see what’s going on, and connect with each other. Your digital headquarters can function as a resource as well as a place where the team can celebrate wins, get vital information updates, and communicate with one another to build rapport and maintain relationships.

Choose Culture Champions

The company leadership team should exemplify your company culture and values, but it can also be very helpful to designate people at all levels who can act as culture champions. These team members should be carefully chosen individuals who exhibit your company’s core values and can help influence your company culture within their departments or locations. Culture champions can come from any level within the company as long as they are influential members of the team. These people are usually well-known and liked, often charismatic or natural leaders who have demonstrated their teamwork and people skills by helping others succeed. Once recruited to help out as culture champions, they will assist with rolling out changes and promoting trust in your company culture within each location in order to create a unified culture throughout the company.

Communicate Frequently and Clearly

Clear and regular communication with the entire team is essential to maintaining company initiatives across various locations. It’s also a good idea to utilize multiple methods of communication to convey high-priority messages to help drive the point home. Company-wide email blasts, notifications through your digital headquarters, and “town hall” style virtual meetings can all be utilized for success in this area across all locations. For especially important news and teambuilding, in-person meetings can also be a great way to bring everyone together. This can be logistically difficult for larger, spread-out companies, but the impact of such meetings cannot be understated in today’s digital age. Whatever methods you use, keep all messaging consistent and clear. Making this type of communication a cornerstone of your company culture can help put employees at ease about changes when leaders are transparent and can help guide the culture toward positive communication at all levels.

Culture Starts with People

The most essential element of a company’s culture is its people. Work with a trusted partner like INSPYR Solutions to find the people you need. We’re always ready to help with the right technology and staffing solutions for your business.

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