Managing and Retaining Generation Z Employees

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Managing and Retaining Generation Z Employees

Is your workplace ready for the next wave of workers – Generation Z? Managers who are prepared to work with new generations create more meaningful, productive work environments for everyone at their organizationsReady or not, Generation Z – those born between 1995 and 2005 – has entered the workforce and is here to stay. There’s no denying that managing individuals of this generation will require some different approaches on behalf of your leadership team. Here are some of the ways in which your managers can effectively integrate Gen Z employees in the workplace:   

Provide timely communication and feedback.

In the world of Generation Z, waiting several months to a year for a performance review is simply out of the question. Because members of this generation are accustomed to fast, two-way communication, they expect their employers to engage with them the same way. To keep Generation Z employees engaged, provide them with regular, real-time reviews of their performance and how they can improve. Providing them with timely, on-the-job feedback will give them the guidance to make adjustments to their work while feeling empowered by their managers to improve upon their weaknesses.  

Use visuals rather than text.

The technology-driven world in which Generation Z grew up demanded their attention at lightning speed – which resulted in this generation become more acclimated to visuals rather than text. When communicating with Gen Z employees, opting for visuals as a mode of communication will be most useful in helping them get up to speed and retain information. Adopting new information exchange methods that align with this generation will ultimately improve how these employees adjust to their roles and perceive your workplace culture. 

Embrace a flexible work environment.

Between their love for technology and ability to work from virtually anywhere, Generation Z employees naturally demand a flexible work environment. Employers who recognize that the standard “9-5” schedule will not bode well for this generation will be best positioned to create workplaces that support flexible work schedules while allowing employees to socialize and collaborate through virtual means. Investing in remote work tools – such as team-building apps or project management software – will give Gen Z employees the ability to stay connected while enjoying their own autonomy.  

Like any generation, Generation Z employees have their own preferences, work styles and ways of communicating. Managers who recognize what employees of this generation seek in the workplace will be better suited to engage and retain these workers for the long run.  

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