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With so much being said about the growing millennial workforce, it’s no wonder employers are scrambling to effectively engage millennial employees. What’s interesting is many organizations are finding their millennial workers have a much different work ethic and mindset than those of their older counterparts, often requiring a more customized management approach.

As you increasingly bring on more millennial workers, it’s important to set them up for long-term success at your organization. This involves making an investment in their talents, skills and professional development – all of which will empower them to reach their greatest potential. To accomplish this, consider implementing these three strategies for managing and retaining your top millennial talent:

Create a culture of open communication.

Most millennials, especially those in the tech space, strive to learn on the job rather than simply earn a paycheck. This means millennial workers expect their employers to offer them more than pure management – they want support to innovate and evolve. You can create this type of culture by encouraging your managers to have honest and open communication with their teams, fostering a two-way dialogue that allows for various opinions and perspectives to be shared. In addition to showing millennial employees their thoughts and ideas are valued, you’ll also gain deeper insight about how to improve your current organizational practices.

Give millennials more responsibility.

Even though many of your millennial workers are likely entry-level employees, they deserve the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to your organization. You can give your millennial workers more responsibility by assigning them specific projects in which they can utilize their talents and abilities. Providing these types of opportunities will allow your millennial employees to further develop their leadership and team-building skills, as well as foster a greater sense of job satisfaction.

Be flexible.

Unlike their parents, millennials are very interested in achieving a rewarding career that offers flexibility and work-life balance. If your organization has a strict scheduling policy, it may be time to consider flex hours or telecommuting. Offering these options will give your millennial workers (and every member on your team) the freedom to create a schedule that works best for their personal preferences and productivity levels. Flexibility can also play a role in positive millennial retention, as workers who are happier with their schedules are more inclined to have greater longevity working at your organization.

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