Motivating a Bored IT Team

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Motivate Your Bored IT Team

Do you feel your IT team is lacking motivation and excitement? Unfortunately, boredom is all too common in many workplaces. It’s the job of managers to create an environment in which employees feel engaged and inspired to perform at a high level each and every day. This is no easy feat, as workplace demands can often be burdensome, especially for IT pros who must constantly handle a variety of situations and challenges on the job. Here are some ways to motivate your bored IT team so they perform their best:

Communicate a clear set of goals.

Believe it or not, IT professionals thrive on working toward goals. Setting a clear set of goals for your IT team will allow your staff to focus their work on what’s important for your organization’s operations and bottom line, helping them prioritize their tasks and understand the expectations of their roles. Effective goal-setting links your organization’s goals to key business objectives, in which your IT team will understand how their responsibilities fit into the big picture of your company’s mission and values. Drawing these connections ultimately leads to greater motivation and fulfillment among your team, as they’ll understand firsthand how their contributions make an impact in the IT department and beyond.

Foster collaboration.

An IT department that works in siloes is a sure recipe for boredom and disengagement. One of the best ways to motivate your IT team is to create an environment in which they can collaborate and work together to develop solutions and solve challenges. Some ways you can foster a culture of collaboration may include establishing weekly team meetings; mentorship programs; or a monthly peer review program. Providing opportunities in which your IT staff can ask questions and learn from each other in a comfortable environment will give them a platform from which to work together to advance the goals of your organization.

Avoid micromanagement.

Micromanagement is by far one of the worst motivation killers, as no employee enjoys having their boss constantly looking over their shoulder. Over time, micromanagement can cause feelings of resentment, aggravation and stress, as your IT employees will become burned out from unnecessary pressure and over-supervision. Giving your IT employees more space and freedom to complete projects on their own will improve their own job satisfaction and boost their confidence.

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