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You may employ the best IT talent on the market, but it will mean nothing if you fail to motivate them! Keeping IT employees motivated can be a challenge for many organizations that don’t make employee retention a top priority. To truly retain a top-notch workforce, here’s how you can keep your IT employees motivated, so they remain fully engaged and excited to be part of your team:

Have fun.

For most of the day, your IT pros are stuck behind a screen and have little interaction with other departments of your organization. Developing a culture that knows how to “kick back” and have some fun can go a long way in keeping your IT employees motivated to show up to work every day. Examples of fun culture-building activities may include company-wide golf outings, in-house catered lunches or happy hours. Giving your team an outlet to relax will give them a much-needed break from the grind of the workday and help them return to their jobs feeling more energized and focused.

Provide consistent feedback.

When it comes to keeping employees motivated, it’s not enough to recognize their accomplishments once a year. Retaining talent for the long haul requires you offer consistent feedback to employees regarding their performance, strengths, weaknesses and areas in which they need to improve. This also involves providing ongoing mentorship, in which employees can receive guidance directly by their superiors and develop their skills with the help and support of individuals who have a vested interest in their success.

Offer professional development opportunities.

To keep employees motivated, you must keep them challenged. Offering opportunities to your employees in which they can grow and evolve as professionals is key to keep their motivation levels high. Some ways in which you can do this may include covering the cost of your team to attend conferences and industry seminars; facilitating on-site lunch-and-learn sessions; or paying for online certifications or courses. The more your employees are encouraged to learn, the more inclined they’ll be to reach their greatest potential.

As you can see, motivating your IT employees requires you to continually make an effort to improve your culture and create a work environment that gives every person the tools to thrive. Incorporating the practices above in your management will help you build a cultural foundation focused on growth and motivation.

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