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Resolutions for Managers

As the new year gets underway, there’s a lot of value in having your managers take a step back from their daily grind to evaluate their leadership performance and identify areas that need improvement. No manager is perfect, and there’s almost always room for your team to make meaningful changes to their leadership approach. Helping your managers set new year’s resolutions focused on their leadership style can help them accelerate their careers, while enhancing employee engagement and propelling your organization to further growth. Here are some new year’s resolution ideas to consider for your management team:


Identify and reduce micromanagement.

While there are always circumstances that require close attention, it’s important your managers do not micromanage employees with every task and project. Helping your managers identify whether they’re micromanaging is the first step to getting them to stop! One sign of micromanagement is lack of delegation. If your managers are constantly involved in every detail of your employees’ jobs, it’s time to step in and help them realize how this practice can quickly derail productivity and cause resentment among your entire team.

Improve communication.

Lack of communication is one of the worst management traits of all time – yet, many managers fail to cease their poor communication habits! Taking steps to train your managers on effective communication practices can be instrumental to your employees’ performance, as well as your retention of top talent. Providing your managers with insight about their negative communication behaviors – and giving them the proper training to reverse these behaviors – will allow them to adjust their communication patterns with subordinates in a way that’s positive and motivating.

Provide more recognition.

The best managers are those who recognize employees for their strengths and accomplishments on a regular basis. If you find your managers are stingy with employee recognition, bring this to their attention and explain the importance of showing appreciation. While it’s not necessary to compliment employees on every little thing, your managers should take time to recognize impactful achievements that contribute to your organization’s success at large.

Empowering your managers to make improvements through the form of New Year’s resolutions is one of the best ways to transform your company for the better. Making the management changes above will ultimately set the stage for a more productive new year in which all your employees can thrive!

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