Is Your Onboarding Process Effective for Your IT Talent?

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As high-quality IT talent becomes harder to find, organizations must become more in tune with the needs and wants of IT employees – especially during their first few weeks on the job. In today’s workplace, simply having an onboarding process is no longer enough to effectively retain employees for the long haul. Successful onboarding programs are those that fully engage and allow your new talent to make a smooth transition into their jobs, while becoming fully immersed in your organization’s culture. Is your onboarding process effective? Here are some ways to determine if it is. We’ll also identify areas of improvement.

Connect your onboarding with your culture.

To truly connect onboarding with retention goals, you’ll want to incorporate aspects of your company culture. For example, does your onboarding program include a tour of the workplace facility? Do you give your new hires a chance to interact with other members of your team? Do you educate them about all your company’s protocols? Connecting your onboarding with your company’s culture can be impactful in exposing your new hires to the mission of your organization, as well as giving them a chance to learn about what you have to offer as an employer.

Evaluate new employee integration.

One of the best ways to evaluate onboarding outcomes is to assess the performance of your new employees within the weeks and months following their onboarding. There are many factors involved in this type of evaluation, including seeking feedback from new hires about their initial experiences in your workplace and how well they’ve been able to transition into their roles. The way in which your new employees can integrate themselves within your team is a good indicator of how well your onboarding program has prepared them for your workplace.

Measure employee retention.

Remember, the whole point of onboarding is to get your new IT hires fully acclimated, so they have a foundation to excel at your company. If your organization loses IT employees within their first six months of the job, this is a clear sign of a poor onboarding process. As you measure employee retention levels, keep track of how long employees who leave have been at your organization and conduct exit interviews to gather feedback. There are many different factors to consider, such as the average length of time an employee stays at your company; how retention varies by manager or department; and how changes to your onboarding process may have affected these numbers.

Regardless of how developed your onboarding may be, it’s always important to keep refining your process to ensure the most efficiency and effectiveness. With the practices above, you’ll be well on your way to building a robust IT team for many years to come.

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