Successful Onboarding Tips for New Employees

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Successful Onboarding Tips for New Employees

Congratulations, you’ve found the perfect candidate! They align with your company and possess the top skills necessary for success. The only thing left is to get them on board.

The onboarding process can be challenging and can affect how your new employee will view the company and their role within it. Let’s look at four tips for successful onboarding of new hires, that lead to higher employee retention.

1. Company Directory

While this may seem obvious, don’t overlook the impact it can have on a new employee. In the first few days with your business, a new employee will meet with many new colleagues and co-workers. Trying to keep everything straight can quickly become very overwhelming. To help your new hire learn names and faces (and titles) provide a concise listing or booklet of current employees. Your new employee will navigate the company with greater ease thanks to the ‘cheat sheet’ you’ve provided.

2. Make Training Sessions Exciting for New Employees

The onboarding process can seem monotonous at times for your new employee. While everyone involved understands the importance and relevance of the process, it can become tiring for even the most excited new hire. When possible, mix things up a little. Provide a combination of manuals, in-class and on-the-job training to make the onboarding process more exciting. By spacing out the paper-driven component – signing papers, reading lengthy documents – your new hire will keep their energy up and ramp up faster than expected. Remember, a tired mind learns at a slower rate than an engaged one.

3. Include New Hires in the Fun Things

If your corporate culture includes things like company sports teams, parties or casual workdays, be sure your new hire has all the details. While these things don’t directly impact day-to-day business operations, they help increase overall productivity and boost morale. If your company doesn’t participate in these types of activities, don’t stress. Instead, introduce your new hire to one or two colleagues and encourage they go out for a welcome-to-the-company lunch. Simple things like this can go a long way in making a great first impression.

4. Slow and Steady

You may want to dump all of the outstanding tasks associated with the job onto the desk of your new hire, especially if the position has been vacant for a while. But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give your new hire time not only to learn new tasks but to master them, before adding on responsibilities. By providing your new hire a chance to build a solid foundation, you’re setting the stage for long-term contribution. And when an employee understands their position in relation to the company, that translates into a better employee retention rate.

Need Help Finding the Right Tech Talent?

Do you remember your first day on the job? Day one can be intimidating and overwhelming. Having a well-thought-out onboarding plan will help your new hire integrate smoothly into the company. If you need help with your onboarding process, or your workload exceeds your current staffing compliment, let INSPYR Solutions help you get up to speed – contact us today!

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