Corporate Culture: What Yours Says to Candidates

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Hiring for Cultural Fit

In order to attract top job prospects, employers need to market themselves as much as applicants do. The most highly qualified candidates frequently juggle multiple job offers, and if they decide they don’t want to work for your company they will happily go elsewhere. That is why it is crucial to analyze not just your compensation and benefit offers, but the corporate culture that new hires will be stepping into. Top prospects may be turning you down because they don’t want to spend eight hours a day in your office. Use this simple guide to help you understand and improve your corporate culture.

Mission Statement

Though often reviled, mission statements make a succinct and powerful statement about your company. If your mission statement communicates something honest and specific, applicants can better decide if their personal goals match up with your own.

Work vs Leisure

Is your office all about work, or do you create opportunities for employees to bond, share personal interests, and blow off steam during the work day? When one company is offering paid retreats and another is offering 30 minute lunch breaks, it is easy to empathize with the prospect that chooses the retreat.

Professional Development

Boredom and stagnation are natural consequences of any job. That is why workplaces that encourage their employees to learn new skills and applications, and facilitate that learning process, have higher morale and workforce retention. Does your company give employees the opportunity to grow, and does it reward that growth?

Exceptional Staff

The quality of your staff says a lot about the character of your organization. Companies that are staffed by smart, enthusiastic, and ambitious people suggest that the company is growing and evolving at all times. Conversely, a bored, resigned workforce is just an advertisement for drudgery.

Tips for Improving Your Corporate Culture

  • Revise Your Meeting Structure: Cut back on the number of meetings and give employees the chance to participate using multimedia tools rather than being there face to face. This allows employees to focus on producing rather than presenting..
  • Eliminate Outdated Policies: Corporate policy manuals are often riddled with outdated, inexplicable, and harshly restrictive policies that do more harm than good. Eliminating these policies shows current and future employees that you are committed to doing things better.
  • Create Flexible Work Schedules: Today’s employees are looking for a healthier balance between work and life. Allow your employees to work from home, work at night, or take half days. As long as they are meeting their responsibilities, be flexible about when and where they work.
  • Offer More Sick Days: Sick employees can affect your entire organization. Rather than keeping employees at work because they are out of sick days, let them put their health first when it really matters. This demonstrates trust and care.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to improve your corporate culture. But if you are serious about hiring the employees that will help your company thrive and grow, you need to be honest about the culture you are presenting to them. To learn more about the challenges of recruitment in the 21st century, consult the staffing experts at INSPYR Solutions.

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