Looking to Hire for an IT Position? Consider Hiring a Veteran!

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 With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan winding down, there are a large number of veterans with focused technical training reentering the workforce. If you are trying to fill a vacant IT position, consider hiring a veteran. It could end up being the fastest, easiest, and most effective recruitment process you’ve ever been a part of.

Reasons to Hire a Veteran

  • Experience in a Team – Veterans have learned to give and follow orders under the most demanding of circumstances. If you are looking for employees that can make a meaningful contribution to a team, veterans have skills that few others can match.
  • Strong Character – Character is just as important for IT workers as any other kind of worker. Military discipline encourages accountability, honesty, commitment, and focus- all intangible qualities that are hard to assess in the average job seeker.
  • Commitment to Process – Many IT positions require workers to follow set procedures and processes down to the letter. Veterans are used to these kinds of exacting demands and often bring exceptional levels of detail orientation to their job.
  • Technical Expertise – The military employs some of the most advanced technology on the face of the earth, and it demands technical mastery from the people that use it. Veterans often have skill sets and knowledge bases that civilian candidates can’t match.
  • Dynamism – By the nature of their work, veterans must remain effective in high pressure, rapidly changing circumstances. If you want to hire workers that can quickly adapt to changing circumstances, veterans have a unique aptitude.
  • Strength During Adversity – Departmental restructuring, relocation, or changing job descriptions are a major source of turnover in IT fields. Veterans have proven that they are resilient and can remain effective even when times get tough.
  • Institutional Loyalty – Veterans have a strong and often unwavering commitment to the institutions they serve, whether it be the military, or your company. If you are looking to hire long-term employees, count on veterans to stick around.
  • PR Boost – Just about everyone is connected to a veteran in some way and understands the unique challenges they face. Hiring veterans reflects positively on your company and demonstrates your commitment to our nation’s heroes.

If you are a veteran looking for IT work, or a company looking to hire veterans, count on the experienced recruiting team at TekPartners to make the connection.

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