The Importance of Work/Life Balance in the Tech World

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Work-Life Balance

As an employer, you want to get the most out of your employees. Achieving that, however, might mean giving them more time off, more flexible hours, and more time to pursue their own interests. It seems counter intuitive at first, but employees with a healthy balance between work and life have been shown to be happier, harder working, more creative, and more committed to their employers. If you have not spent much time thinking about your employees’ work/life balance, it could be negatively affecting your business. Here is why:

Lower HR Costs

The long hours, high pressure, and minute detail of most tech jobs often lead to employee burnout. When this happens, performance plummets, and employees either quit, or have to be let go. That means you have to go through the long and expensive recruitment process, and your remaining employees have to work harder to fill the gaps. If your employees are happy, and have a mechanism to release some stress, they will remain productive longer. In the long run, the time off you give them costs less than replacing them.

Fresh Ideas

Most workers in the tech sector are passionate about programming, engineering, and other topics. But the demands of their jobs may leave them feeling creatively and intellectually stifled. When workers have the right work/life balance, they have the time and energy to pursue their own interests. They then come back to work refreshed, with a broader skill set, and with ideas gleaned from outside projects. Ultimately, this benefits your business.

Greater Productivity

Countless studies have shown that happy employees are more productive than bored, stressed, or depressed employees. If you give your tech employees more time to spend outside of work, you will get more out of them when they return to work. Plus, their good moods create a positive atmosphere in your workplace. In the end, that benefits everyone’s productivity.

Less Risk of Sabotage

Instances of corporate sabotage don’t happen everyday, but they are hardly rare, and there is often a disgruntled employee involved. If your employees are happy with their jobs, they are far less likely to try and hurt your operation by leaking proprietary information, disabling data security measures, or worse. Employees that have the right work/life balance remain committed to their employers in ways that really matter.

Learn More About Adjusting Your Employees’ Work/Life Balance

Hopefully by now you understand how important the work/life balance is. The next step is analyzing the balance in your own workplace, and finding ways to adjust it if necessary. To discover easy, low-cost ways to give your employees more time outside of work without sacrificing your bottom line, consult the IT staffing experts at INSPYR Solutions.

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