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tech skills gap

With the job market having been so poor in recent years, it’s understandable to think that companies are better equipped than ever to fill vacant positions. After all, with so many qualified professionals looking for work, there must be a dearth of qualified candidates clamoring for every available position. It has more frequently been the case, however, that hiring managers have received a huge stack of resumes but struggled to find candidates with the specific skills they require, especially technical skills. That has created a tech skills gap in many companies that is beginning to have a significant effect on the bottom line and the opportunity for future growth. If your company is struggling to find the tech professionals you require, consider implementing these strategies to overcome the tech skills gap.

Recruit Broadly

If your recruitment efforts are not turning up the professionals you need, it could be because you aren’t casting a broad enough net. If you have a vacant position, post it to all the major job boards, but also mention it on your social media profiles, on your website, and even in less-traditional venues like Craigslist. Just because someone has great tech skills doesn’t mean they are a great job seeker, so make it as easy as possible for candidates to find out about your vacancies.

Don’t Wait for Perfection

One of the biggest contributing factors to the tech skills gap is that employers hold out for the perfect candidate instead of going with an effective candidate. Just because a job seeker does not tick every one of the boxes on your checklist doesn’t mean they can’t make a valuable contribution to your organization. And, ultimately, letting a vacancy go unfilled for too long has far more negative consequences. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

Offer More

Another strategy that companies have used to fill in the tech skills gap is to try and attract qualified candidates from other companies. Obviously, the best way to do this is by offering more generous compensation, but it’s not the only way. If your company can offer candidates a better work/life balance, a more positive company culture, or opportunities for advancement that don’t exist elsewhere, you make yourself an appealing consideration even if you can’t pay significantly more.


One final strategy to consider is to enlist the services of a recruiter that works specifically with tech professionals to supplement your in-house recruitment efforts. These recruiters have already assembled an extensive candidate pool of well-vetted tech professionals and can connect you with the ones that have the exact skills you require. In the long run, this strategy tends to expedite the hiring process, lower the cost, produce better results, and slowly but surely close the tech skills gap. Contact the team at INSPYR Solutions to learn more about this option.

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