Three Overlooked Recruitment Tactics

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Does it feel like your hiring team is constantly hitting a brick wall with recruitment lately? Unfortunately, it’s no longer enough to simply post a job and hope candidates come flocking. As the candidate shortage worsens, especially in the tech industry, it has become critical that employers get more creative with how they recruit for new workers.

Speaking engagements and events.

Getting members of your staff out in the community can be a great way to engage potential candidates who may be interested in applying to your organization. You can set up speaking engagements for members of your team at various local colleges and industry groups in which they’ll be able to talk about your mission, and indirectly, attract new talent. Having members of your hiring team represent your organization at networking events is also a key way to attract new talent and educate others about employment opportunities at your organization.

Maximize social media.

While social media should already be part of your existing recruitment strategy, there’s a good chance you aren’t using it to its full potential. Making a sustained effort to tap into potential candidates on social media can be extremely impactful in improving the quality of candidates who apply to your positions. For example, posting job openings to specific LinkedIn or Facebook groups focused on your industry will be more effective at generating interest than simply posting to a general job board. Researching industry groups on social media will ultimately lead you to a more viable pipeline of candidates, helping you work smarter – not harder.

Don’t forget about traditional media.

Despite what some may tell you, traditional news media is still alive and well! There is still enormous value in promoting employment openings through newspaper outlets, billboards, and radio ads. The key to traditional media advertising is to target specific geographic regions in which you’d attract the most candidates, as well as making sure your promotions are designed in a way that’s visually appealing to the masses.

Implementing the above methods into your recruitment process will enhance your hiring outcomes and allow you to develop a better pool of talent. Even being just a little more strategic with your recruiting approach can go a long way!

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