Should You Consider “Overqualified” Applicants

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The dominant opinion is that you should not hire, or even consider, overqualified talent when you need to fill a vacancy. The thinking goes that these professionals will get bored working below their abilities, turn in a lackluster performance, create conflicts with co-workers, and jump ship at the first opportunity. There is some truth to these concerns, but overqualified talent is not always the liability they’re made out to be. And in some cases, this talent can be a unique and exciting asset. Before you dismiss a candidate because his credentials are too impressive, consider the potential benefits.

Easy to Train – Since these professionals have exceptional skills and a wealth of experiences they require a lot less training to get started. That means they begin to make an impact almost immediately.

Enthusiastic on the Job – Taking a job that is “beneath” your credentials can be a sign of enthusiasm for the job or the employer. In some instances these professionals bring an influx of energy and passion into the office.

Easy to Manage – Much like the training, overqualified talent takes a lot less time and energy to manage since much of what they’re doing they’ve done before.

Exciting Skills – The credentials that make a candidate overqualified could prove to be an asset to your operation. With new skills at your disposal, you can do more than you could before.

Leadership Potential – A candidate may be overqualified for this job, but what about the one above it? Connecting with these candidates now can make your job a lot easier when you need to hire your next manager.

Guaranteed Value – Turnover is always disruptive, but it doesn’t necessarily cancel out the value talent delivered while they worked for you. Even if overqualified talent has a brief tenure, they will positively impact your company for however long they are employed.

Pay Less for Talent – By definition, overqualified talent offers you more for less. You bring outstanding talent into your ranks and pay them a lower salary.

Accelerate the Pace – When you need results fast, overqualified talent is typically more capable of meeting your tight deadlines.

Wisdom and Experience – Overqualified talent is in a unique position to help you spot new business opportunities and devise innovative ways of doing things. Their wisdom and experience can have a direct impact on your growth.

Hiring an overqualified candidate is not a guaranteed home run, but it’s also not the mistake it’s often made out to be. The next time you’re looking for talent, rely on the resources of INSPYR Solutions. Contact us today for more information!

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