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Preparing for the Year Ahead

As we have started into 2021, you may be thinking of how you can set your company up for better success this year. While 2020 certainly had its challenges, leaders who take the time to plan strategically can make positive adjustments for many aspects of their organizations. From talent development to better employee engagement, here are some impactful practices to prepare your organization for the upcoming year:

Develop a staffing partnership.

As COVID-19 continues to impact workforce development, a staffing firm can be invaluable in helping your organization find high quality talent as quickly as possible, especially when vacancies occur from illness. Whether you’re in need of temporary or permanent talent, staffing firms are well equipped to recruit candidates with all capacities and skillsets. A specialized staffing firm will work closely with your organization on your specific talent development needs, conducting all aspects of the recruiting process – including talent search, screenings, background checks and interviews, saving your organization both time and money during your search

Invest in training and development.

Now, more than ever, strong employee retention is crucial to an organization’s long-term success. Investing in a robust training and development program can often be key to effectively bringing on new talent that will be fully engaged and understand how their roles fit within your company’s overarching goals. From virtual training to interactive team building, many types of initiatives and training platforms can enhance your onboarding within the talent development process. Investing in training and development can often set the foundation for happier, more productive employees who feel more connected to your organization’s core mission and values.

Embrace remote work.

Even in a “post-COVID-19” world, it’s safe to say remote working is here to stay. With many employees experiencing more personal commitments than ever before – such as children learning from home and elderly parents in need of care – the best employers will allow their employees to work remotely, at least partially, to accommodate these needs. In addition to remote work policies, offering flexible scheduling will help employees achieve a healthier work-life balance. This will ultimately have a direct effect on retention levels, as it will improve employees’ job satisfaction and reduce burnout.

While there’s no magic formula to a perfect workplace, taking these steps to improve your staffing and talent development efforts can significantly enhance your organization in 2021 and beyond.

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