Remote Work Predictions for 2021

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Remote Work Predictions


Is your company still navigating the transition to a remote workforce or considering staying remote for the long term? There’s no question that the world of work has been dramatically altered, leaving employers with no choice but to embrace many elements of remote work. While it’s been a positive shift for many companies, remote work has certainly come with some unforeseen challenges that continue to demand attention and oversight by leadership teams across the country. Here are some of our top remote work predictions for the IT world this year 

More focus on employee engagement.

In any virtual work environment, employee engagement is bound to be affected – for better or for worse. To maintain a high level of morale among workers, it’s critical to implement employee relations practices that consistently promote two-way communication and recognize team members’ milestones and achievements. Leveraging email, social media and video communications channels to drive engagement through online meetings and other forms of virtual gatherings will foster stronger employee relationships, ultimately increasing productivity and sparking a meaningful exchange of ideas among every person on your team 

Rise of performance management tools.

Now that remote working has become mainstream for employers across the board, more attention will be placed on its effects on performance management. Organizations must now focus on empowering employees with the platforms to work effectively and remain productive, prioritizing quality of work rather than “hours worked per day.” Many experts in the IT field predict a major rise in remote employee management tools to enable improved virtual employee communication and collaboration. These platforms will also better allow managers to set shared expectations with employees, helping to track remote workers’ performance metrics in a more efficient and productive way.  

Increased need for cybersecurity. 

With the rapid growth of remote work inevitably comes a greater need for increased cybersecurity. Though cybersecurity has always been a focus in the IT industry, employers will need to take even greater measures to protect workers, data and equipment at every level. This is expected to result in greater investments into IT and infrastructure systems, in which technology professionals must further adapt to ever-changing security demands. Organizations that haven’t yet made the shift to investing in more secure systems will have no choice but to adjust their practices as they continue implementing a remote workforce.  

Though the future of remote work remains a bit unclear, it’s safe to say we’ll see some of the predictions above come to light as the effects of the pandemic continue to be felt. By preparing accordingly for this ongoing shift, you can set the stage for the continued success of your IT department as well as your company as a whole in the months to come.

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