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Competition for the top talent in IT is fierce, and for good reason – companies wrestling with a skills gap and struggling to recruit qualified professionals can’t afford to let dynamic, forward-focused candidates pass them up for the competition. Bringing this top talent into your fold, however, is a multi-step process that is significantly different than a traditional recruitment strategy. If you want the best and the brightest to come work for you, here’s what you need to be doing differently:

Define the Position Carefully

Before you can attract top talent, you have to identify what they look like. Look over you job description and carefully define what success in that position would look like. Once you have a better understanding of exactly what you are looking for, you can take steps to go out and find that person.

Revise Your Job Description

Don’t expect a standard job description to attract the attention of top talent. Typically, these descriptions are too vague and too bland. Revise yours so that it gives job seekers a real sense of what they will do on the job, and why working for you is different than working for the competition.

Refine Your Search

The best IT professionals get recruited so frequently and so aggressively that they don’t need to spend a lot of time reading “help wanted” ads. You are more likely to reach the talent you’re looking for by relying on focused and specialized ways of connecting with talent. Partnering with a recruiting agency is a good start.

Respect Your Talent

Attracting top talent forces you to reverse everything you know about recruiting. You have to sell yourself to the candidate instead of the other way around. Once you find someone that impresses you, do everything possible to show them why working for you will be personally and professionally satisfying. Be prepared to make a generous compensation offer, and highlight why your company culture is ideal for ambitious tech professionals.

Streamline Your Recruitment

Top talent doesn’t want to wait for you to extend a job offer. As much as possible, streamline your recruitment process so that it is quick and easy for the candidate to navigate through from beginning to end. If you draw it out too long they will simply accept a position elsewhere.

Last but certainly not least, remember to prioritize retention too. Holding on to top talent is an equal if not greater challenge than attracting them. Before you have a vacancy, consult with the IT recruitment experts at INSPYR Solutions about optimizing your workforce.

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