Soft Skills to Prioritize in Your Next IT Candidate

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Does it seem like qualified IT candidates are hard to come by these days? If your company has issues finding and retaining a robust IT workforce, it’s time to reframe what qualities you’re seeking in talent – specifically related to interpersonal abilities. As you conduct future interviews, here are three of the most important soft skills to prioritize in your next IT candidate:


Despite what many people think, most IT jobs require frequent two-way communication with managers, subordinates, and colleagues. Strong communication – both verbal and written – is paramount for IT employees who are expected to work directly (and indirectly) with multiple individuals within an organization. IT staff who practice clear and concise communication tend to work more efficiently, producing better work outcomes within their jobs and making more meaningful contributions to their IT departments and companies at large.


For IT employees who must take on managerial roles, strong leadership is critical for an ability to work well with others and successfully supervise subordinates. There are several leadership traits to evaluate in candidates, including teamwork, communication, and emotional intelligence. Candidates who exhibit a willingness to engage in active listening and conflict resolution are most likely to excel in an IT leadership capacity and proactively lead your tech team in the right direction. Typically, IT candidates with the most leadership abilities tend to have prior experience in various managerial or supervisory roles in which they managed and oversaw various IT functions.

Time Management

With staffing levels often fluctuating and IT teams having to frequently take on extra workloads, it’s imperative that your employees can effectively manage their time and meet deadlines. From handling multiple projects to resolving unexpected tech issues that arise within your company, the most competent IT professionals are those who know how to properly prioritize and work diligently to address the most critical needs on the job. An ability to multitask is directly connected to increased productivity, an essential skill for highly functioning IT professionals.

IT candidates with a combination of technical and soft skills generally have the most to offer in terms of their talents and abilities. A focus on finding candidates with the right mix of qualifications will help you grow a top-of-the-line team that can keep your IT department operating at its best.

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