Leading Trends in Software Development for 2023

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Is your team prepared to navigate the future of software development? In 2023, we expect to see some emerging trends in software, with many of them affecting the IT industry at its core. From hiring the right IT talent to implementing the most advanced technologies, being informed about the latest IT trends will position your company for long-term success. Here are three of the most notable software development trends to expect within the IT industry going into the new year:

Increase in cloud computing.

The demand for IT professionals with proficiency in cloud computing is expected to increase, especially as remote work becomes more prevalent. The accelerated growth of cloud computing over the last few years has resulted in a greater need for cloud computing specialists with the skills to guide organizations as they navigate their data usage safely and effectively. Organizations will keep turning to cloud computing as a low-maintenance way to store and access data without compromising security, and we expect this to hold true moving into 2023.

Acceleration in artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will continue ramping up as many industries – especially manufacturing, financial services, and tech – are increasingly utilizing AI software to target customers, improve efficiencies, and enhance existing products or services. AI systems have a variety of functions that can improve the productivity of any business, from automating tasks to interpreting large amounts of data. We expect the use of AI systems to become even more integrated within the IT structures of businesses in all spaces as we approach the new year.

Outsourced IT services.

As finding full-time IT employees becomes more challenging each year, many tech employers are deciding to outsource their IT employees through specialized IT staffing agencies such as INSPYR Solutions. Outsourcing allows tech employers to hire IT workers in all types of capacities without having to make the long-term investment that comes with hiring permanent staff. This method of hiring enables tech employers to hire temporary or contract IT specialists for their expertise on particular software development projects, but only for limited periods of time. With the IT skill shortage showing no end in sight going into 2023, outsourcing will remain one of the most popular hiring methods, especially within the IT industry.

Educating your team about these leading IT software trends will allow your company to stay on the cutting-edge of the IT industry. Most importantly, this knowledge will foster a vibrant and forward-thinking workforce that values the highest standards of technology.

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