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supporting women in tech

Is your company focused on attracting and retaining more female tech talent? With gender gaps continuing to impact the tech field, employers that proactively support their female workforce will ultimately achieve greater diversity and inclusiveness within their corporate culture. Here are some powerful ways in which your leadership team can be sure they are supporting women in tech:

Offer support.

Offering pathways in which female tech employees can advance within your organization can engage your current staff while attracting more women to your company. Employers can support female tech talent in a variety of ways, such as employee resource groups, targeted recruiting, mentoring programs, and leadership training. Providing women with career development options will propel them to greater professional success while motivating them to grow their careers within your organization.

Train management about gender bias.

By publicly recognizing and acknowledging the disparity of women in the tech industry, companies can exhibit awareness and understanding about this issue and a commitment to narrowing the gender gap. This often involves educating managers about gender bias and communicating the unconscious role it can have in employee relations. Identifying issues that may concern gender bias (such as a manager passing judgment on a female employee for leaving work early to pick up a child) is the first step to ensuring every employee is viewed equally and treated fairly within the workplace.

Embrace flexibility.

Women in today’s workforce are demanding flexibility now more than ever before. Companies that embrace flexible work policies, such as a remote work model or flex hours, will fare better at attracting top female candidates and retaining them for the long haul. Management teams that take time to understand women’s work-life balance needs can develop policies that give female employees autonomy both in their professional and personal lives.

These are just some of the ways in which employers can empower their female tech workforce and create a diverse corporate culture.

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