Salesforce Solution for ATM operator

Building a Better Salesforce Solution

We delivered a highly sophisticated yet easy-to-use Salesforce solution that not only met the client’s requirements but offered maximum flexibility.

Databricks to Synapse

Case Study: Databricks to Azure Synapse

In response to a growing realization that the client’s utilization of Databricks was falling short of optimal efficiency, the client made a strategic decision to transition to Azure Synapse. In order to proceed with this project, the client turned to INSPYR Solutions for expert guidance.

Power BI Training and Transition

Case Study: Power BI Training and Transition from Tableau

The client had chosen to migrate from Tableau to Power BI. As a result, they needed to provide Power BI training for all internal staff, including an analytics team, to bring them up to speed and provide guidance on moving their reporting to Power BI.