Top Questions to Help You Learn About an IT Candidate’s Reliability

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Assess an IT Candidate for Reliability

Reliability is a notoriously difficult quality to judge when vetting a job seeker. No one is going to honestly tell you that they are unreliable, and you have very few resources at your disposal to make an objective judgment. Plus, reliability is about more than just showing up every day on time.

It’s also about meeting deadlines, taking on odd assignments, and helping coworkers when called on – not the kind of information that shows up on a resume or cover letter. The best strategy to determine reliability is to ask the right questions during the interview. These are some of the best:

“Why do You Want this Job?”

This seemingly simple question is very revealing. Many people apply for job simply because they are out of work and need to earn a paycheck. These employees are not unreliable necessarily, but they probably don’t have the passion and commitment you’re looking for in the people you rely on. If however, they seem truly excited about working this job for this company, it’s more likely that they will go out of their way to rise to every occasion.

“Where do Your See Yourself in Five Years?”

Again, you’re trying to gauge the candidate’s level of commitment. If the future scenario they describe doesn’t seem to involve your company, it’s unlikely that they will be reliable employees over the next five years. After all, it’s their stated purpose to move on, and they’re more focused on the next opportunity than the present one. But if the candidate seems eager to move through the ranks of your company and talks more about picking up new skills and responsibilities rather than just making more money, they are probably someone you can count on consistently.

“Tell Me about Your Ideal Work Environment”

Some people are naturally flaky, but most people don’t have the goal of being unreliable. Rather, it’s a problem that creeps in as morale and professional engagement begin to decline. That’s why you need to carefully compare each candidate to your company culture and environment. If the two are clearly at odds, the candidate will almost certainly begin to lose motivation and grow inconsistent. By contrast, if they seem like a perfect fit, they will be eager to show up every morning and go the extra mile when asked.

Find the People You Need

Reliability is so important because it is related to turnover. Unreliable employees either quit or get fired, which leaves a hole in your workforce and creates a daily disruption. If you would like to learn more about the skills and credentials that really matter in an applicant, have a conversation with the team at INSPYR Solutions.

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