Tips for Managing a Remote Team

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Tips for Managing a Remote Team

Is your leadership team struggling with managing your remote team? If your company offers remote work, it’s essential that your managers understand the importance of adopting protocols that keep employees fully connected and engaged. Here are three ways to create a more comfortable and productive work environment:

Promote regular face-to-face communication.

While in-person interactions are off the table, video conferencing is the next best way to foster face-to-face communication. Managers who maintain a personal connection with their team members will be able to better understand them. From overseeing their performance to understanding their current challenges on the job, some things are better discussed face-to-face. To build this connection time, implement a standing weekly video-call. It’s an instrumental way to keep manager-subordinate relationships strong while giving employees a chance to connect with one another.  

Set team-oriented goals. 

Though employees likely have their own individual performance goals, setting shared goals is a great way to promote connectedness. Managers who promote realistic goals among their employees will keep their teams on track to be more productive with their work. Additionally, it keeps employees focused on the most important priorities. As team-oriented goals are met, managers can enhance morale among employees by celebrating their progress and giving them more motivation to keep performing at a high level.  

Be responsive to employees’ needs.

Furthermore, managers who are responsive to employees’ questions or concerns will demonstrate a commitment to their team’s success even under remote circumstances. Whether it’s promptly addressing a tech issue or providing on-the-job training, paying attention to employees’ needs will build trust and credibility between your staff and management team. This can greatly improve the culture of your organization, even as employees are working off-site.  

While managing remote employees can certainly come with its own set of unique challenges, being mindful of the tips above can have a major impact on the team’s engagement levels, performance and job satisfaction.   

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