What Are Top Candidates Looking for in the Hiring Process?

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When it comes to finding top candidates, it’s important to remember the role of the hiring process in attracting talent. Highly qualified applicants typically seek employers that respect their time and talents, as this tends to be a major sign of a company’s culture and overall work environment. And, whether you like it or not, attracting and retaining exceptional talent truly starts at the point of application. In your organization’s efforts to attract top-notch candidates, here are some factors to keep in mind:

Interview flexibility.

While some candidates will not currently be employed, it’s common for many of them to have existing jobs which can cause some difficulty when scheduling interviews. Making an effort to offer some degree of flexibility with interview scheduling can have a positive impact on a candidate’s initial experiences with your organization and demonstrate you value their time. Whether it’s an interview “after hours” or early in the morning, remember to give candidates some leeway with scheduling.

Open communication.

Top-notch candidates who have tried to apply and interview at your organization deserve to be informed throughout the hiring process. Establishing open lines of communication is essential for keeping candidates engaged, as well as answering questions they may have both during and after interviews. This involves making candidates you interview aware of your general hiring timeframe, as well as thanking candidates who you don’t hire for their interest in your organization.

Be clear and up front.

Simply put, candidates who are actively looking for a job don’t want to waste their time. It’s best to be as clear, open and honest with candidates as possible. One of the best practices you can implement is emailing candidates who don’t “make the cut” for an interview and let them know you still appreciate their interest in your organization. This will establish goodwill among potential candidates who may end up being better fits for future positions.

Remember, candidates’ first impressions of you as an employer are just as important as your initial impressions of them. Making the hiring process as streamlined as possible will result in better quality hires, and ultimately, a more productive and loyal workforce.

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