What Are the Benefits of Skills-Based Hiring in Tech?

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Skills-Based Hiring

As the IT job market grows with the tech industry, more and more jobs list nonnegotiable degree requirements to weed out what they perceive to be underqualified applicants. In reality, some of the most qualified tech candidates are often overlooked despite having unmatched IT skillsets. Here are the benefits of practicing skills-based hiring in tech:

Remove Barriers

When organizations place value in IT candidates’ skillsets rather than their backgrounds, it presents tech talent with the opportunity to be considered for positions that they otherwise wouldn’t be based on factors such as education, age, or professional experience. IT candidates may be hesitant to apply for certain tech roles if they don’t have a certain level of formal education, despite having extensive skills-based tech experience. Hiring tech candidates who have refined their IT skills through specialized courses and other professional development opportunities over tech candidates with higher formal education will enhance not only your organization’s expertise, but also its diversity!

Attract Expertise

In order to attract the top tech talent on the market, it will be important to present clear job descriptions that lay out the skills necessary to effectively complete an IT job. When you specify what you are looking for, IT candidates who have skillsets that align with your needs will be more likely to apply regardless of their backgrounds, streamlining the process on both ends. Putting more emphasis on skills than on factors such as formal education when crafting IT job descriptions will show potential tech talent that your organization is not only confident in what they’re looking for, but also that you value the skills-based expertise that they bring to the table.

Increase Diversity

Skills-based hiring practices increase and strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace by opening IT job opportunities to tech workers from all walks of life. Whether it be a military veteran with limited formal education, an immigrant who was educated abroad, or a high school grad who didn’t have the ability to attend college due to low socioeconomic status, these IT candidates may have unique skillsets that are often overlooked by tech hiring teams. Instead of disregarding the applications of tech talent with untraditional backgrounds, take the time look deeper into their skills-based qualifications before prioritizing the tech candidate who holds a master’s degree. This will open the door for more diversity within your organization, which ultimately drives innovation.

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