What is Generation Z Looking for in the Workplace?

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what Gen Z employees want

Is your company aiming to attract younger talent? Generation Z includes those born in the mid-1990s to early 2000s. Gen Z is now makes up more than 20 percent of the workforce, so employers must revamp recruitment and hiring efforts to better appeal to this growing generation. Just like every preceding generation, Gen Zers have their own set of preferences and expectations when it comes to jobs and the workplace. Employers that proactively appeal to these candidates will fare better at building a diverse, high quality team, even when the hiring landscape is most challenging. So what do Gen Z employees want? Here are some of the ways employers can best appeal to them: 

Promote growth and advancement.

Generation Z candidates care about making money and they want to know their employers are fully invested in their growth and development. Employers that provide robust leadership and training programs will be most successful in attracting these candidates and retaining them for the long-term future. Giving Generation Zers a launchpad to evolve – through mentorship, apprenticeship, and a “culture of learning” – is instrumental in keeping them motivated, excited, and most importantly, high-achieving in their performance. 

Embrace a tech-centered environment.

From tablets to smartphones, Generation Z has grown up in a technology-driven world. Fostering technology within your organization will create an atmosphere that’s familiar and inspiring to this generation. Generation Zers are most inclined to work at companies that utilize technology for the purposes of increasing productivity and encouraging collaboration. Additionally, companies that use digital channels for recruitment will spark more interest in Gen Z candidates who predominately use social media to find jobs. Therefore, embracing technology can have a two-fold impact on improving engagement in the workplace while improving recruitment outcomes. 

Showcase mission and culture.

Employees are increasingly seeking meaning in their work, and Generation Zers are no exception. These candidates are looking for jobs that will allow them to make an impact not just on their company, but on the world at large. Companies that effectively showcase their missions through their job descriptions, website, social media platforms, and other communication channels will thrive at drawing Generation Z candidates to their company’s opportunities. 

Investing time and money to attract talented Generation Z candidates will elevate the quality of your workforce while enhancing your company’s reputation as an inclusive and diverse employer. By taking the steps above, you can get your organization on track for optimal hiring and retention of this generation.

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