Why Work-Life Balance Should Matter for Tech Employees

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It should come as no surprise that work-life balance is important for employees in all industries. However, many managers are often so focused on the day-to-day operations of their company that they forget about building a work environment in which employees can achieve a healthy balance between their careers and personal lives. For tech employees, there’s a significant value to fostering work-life balance, including improved productivity in the workplace and reduced burnout. As a tech employer, here are some of the many ways in which you can build a sense of work-life balance within your company culture:

Plan monthly company outings.

For most of the workday, tech employees are expected to work behind a screen, often with little opportunity to get out and converse with others within your organization. Planning monthly company outings is a great way to boost employee morale and help your tech workers get to know other employees in a fun, stress-free way. Employee gatherings like company-paid lunches, happy hours or park days encourage camaraderie among team members and help to integrate your tech staff with your entire workforce. They also provide an outlet for your employees to enjoy time together outside of the office!

Allow scheduling flexibility.

Many tech employees work around the clock, which can unfortunately throw off their sleep schedules and lead to unhealthy lifestyle habits. Offering employees scheduling flexibility will help them choose work shifts that align best with their personal commitments, ultimately improving quality of life and job satisfaction. This also applies to offering employees the opportunity to work remotely if something unexpected comes up, such as a sick child. Being flexible as to where and when your employees work will alleviate the stress and anxiety that comes along with missing work or lost wages from taking time off. Over time, this contributes to high morale, as employees will appreciate this flexibility.

Ask for employee feedback.

When it comes to improving work-life balance, asking employees for their feedback can offer valuable insight. Whether it’s through surveys, group discussions or one-on-one meetings, it’s important to hear directly from employees about their work-life balance struggles and the types of changes that would improve their employment experience. Your management team can then take the steps needed to transform your company’s culture in a way that provides a healthier work-life balance for all your employees.

Neglecting work-life balance within your organization will end of up costing you more than employees – it will negatively affect your productivity, culture and bottom line. Making work-life balance a priority will create a foundation for organizational success, improving employee retention and enhancing your organization on all levels.

Is lack of work-life balance causing you to lose top employees?

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