Does Your Tech Workforce Resist Change?

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Organizational growth can only happen with change; however, getting employees to embrace change is easier said than done. In the tech industry, change is a necessary driver for productivity and innovation. As a leader, you must do everything in your power to promote the benefits of change within your tech workforce so your organization continues to stay on the cutting edge and can effectively handle challenges that arise. If you’ve found it difficult to get your employees on board with change, here are some strategies you can start implementing today:

Create excitement about the future.

Motivated employees are those who are excited for the future of their work and feel they are part of something bigger than themselves. You can make every employee feel included and part of the excitement by informing them of future initiatives, seeking their feedback on a regular basis and highlighting how their tech roles will impact the face of the organization in the years to come. Empowering your tech employees will inspire them to perform at their greatest capacities and create a culture that is open to evolving, rather than remaining stagnant.

Foster a connected culture.

Every employee – even a tech professional – wants to feel connected on a human level. As your organization experiences change or is making a major decision, you must always be committed to communicating with your employees so they aren’t in the dark. Keeping momentum high even during tough times will make your tech pros adaptable and allow them to feel more secure as change takes place. A connected culture is one in which every person feels valued for their talents and can contribute in a meaningful way to the mission of the organization.

Plan for change.

Any change can quickly become a disaster if it’s not appropriately planned out ahead of time. Change, by its nature, is scary for many employees and must be presented carefully. You can ease the burden of change by preparing your employees for what’s to come, giving them an opportunity to transition over the course of several weeks or months. Having a plan in place will make any change more manageable and help your tech workforce to adjust without feeling overwhelmed.

Are your current tech employees resistant to change?

It may be time to find better talent. Learn how a partnership with INSPYR Solutions can help you build a workforce committed to long-term change and growth.

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