3 IT Skills to Add to Your Resume

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The process of crafting a resume involves addition and subtraction. You start out by listing all your professional experiences and academic accomplishments. Then, as you apply for specific jobs, you cut out things that are irrelevant and hope to end up with a page or two that frames you as the perfect candidate. Figuring out what to subtract can be tricky though, and you might be cutting out skills that could set you apart from other candidates. Grab a copy of the last resume you submitted, and if it’s missing these three skills, be sure to add them in before your next submission.


This one might seem obvious, but a lot of IT job seekers do a bad job of framing both the depth and breadth of their coding experience. No matter what IT job you are seeking, you will have to deal with some extent of code. Employers want to know that you can dive into this code, identify the relevant sections, spot any problems, and develop solutions using the resources you have at hand. The best way to pick up coding skills is to simply work with a lot of code. Participating in open-source projects is a good place to start.

Cloud Computing

Almost every company makes use of cloud computing to one degree or another, and usage is rising quickly. As an IT professional, you will almost certainly work in the cloud, as either an administrator or simply a user. Companies are looking for professionals who can help them optimize their own clouds and teach novice users about cloud computing best practices. The technologies underpinning cloud computing are evolving rapidly, meaning that the best way to pick up relevant skills is to participate in online discussions, stay active in your professional network, and follow industry news closely.

Big Data

Big data promises to revolutionize IT. There are few areas at the intersection of business and technology that will not be affected by exponentially increasing data sets. Unfortunately, right now big data is more of a challenge than an opportunity for most businesses, and they are eager to hire professionals who can mitigate these challenges. You can refine your big data skills by focusing on the impact big data will have on the skills you already possess. Use this as a jumping off point as you seek out resources, mentors, and certification programs.

Your resume has to make a big impression in a short amount of time. Highlighting the above three skills might be what gets you called in for an interview. Find out more about improving your resume specifically, and your job search generally, by contacting INSPYR Solutions.

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