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If you’re looking for a job in the tech industry right now, then you may be wondering how to decide if a potential employer is the right one for you. That’s why it’s important to approach the interview process as not only a way to show that you’re a great candidate, but also as an opportunity to interview your future employer and ensure a good fit. As you meet the hiring manager and other people you’ll be working with, use the interview to make sure you are choosing the best workplace for your career goals by asking these questions.

Why is this position available?

You could also phrase this one as, “Why are you looking for a ____?” What you’re seeking here is a little more insight into why this particular job is open. Is the organization starting a new project that requires opening new roles? If it is an existing role, did the previous person get promoted to a new role? Did they quit? The response may give you more information about the company culture and your career path in the future if you take the job.

How would you define success in this role?

The response to this question will give you more information about the hiring manager’s expectations for you in this role and how they gauge performance. This is key to learning how you can establish yourself as a high performer from the start. This is a good chance to ask about KPIs for the role as well as other aspects of the culture and how employees can be successful within that culture.

Can you tell me more about the culture here?

Company culture can make or break your experience, so it’s important to get a sense of what it’s like working at the organization. If the response is vague or full of buzzwords, you may want to do a little more research into employee sentiment. If you can sense real enthusiasm and warmth as your interviewer responds, then you may have found a rewarding and inclusive culture where you can feel like you belong.

What are some of the challenges and opportunities the company is facing right now?

This question demonstrates that you are thinking about the big picture and how you can contribute to the overall success of the organization. It also gives you the chance to talk about how you can help solve some of the company’s challenges or take advantage of the opportunities. The potential employer’s response will also give you more information about the company’s long-term plans, which can be key to future steps in your career.

What sort of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives does the company engage in?

If DEI is important to you, then it’s important to ask about it during the interview process if it doesn’t come up when speaking more generally about the company culture. Does the potential employer have a policy on DEI? Do they have any employee resource groups (ERGs)? Do they engage with the community in some way? Finding out the answers to these questions can be an important part of ascertaining the cultural fit as you consider the job.

Asking the right questions during the interview can give you the chance to expand on your abilities as well as to learn more about your potential employer and coworkers. Be sure to take advantage of the time you have to learn as much as possible by asking key questions during the interview process.

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