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Job seekers in the IT industry are often so focused on finding a full-time, permanent job they forget about the many benefits afforded by contract employment. Regardless of your age or experience level, there are several reasons to consider contract employment as you seek a new IT position. Here are four of the top reasons:


Contract employment provides the opportunity to gain experience in a specific tech specialty without committing to a permanent position. Many workers view contract employment as a way to broaden their skills and gain experience working in different environments. For people who enjoy a periodic change of pace, contract work might be ideal.


Unlike a permanent position where you’re expected to report a set number of days and hours each year, contract employment provides a great degree of flexibility. With many contract IT employment opportunities, workers can provide input about where they’d like to work and for what duration of time. Many workers, especially those with busy personal schedules, find this type of flexibility very appealing.

Growth opportunities

Contract work provides the ability to work on a variety of different projects, helping you to grow and advance your skills. Contract employees often work on projects related to their strengths, or may choose to focus on areas of weakness to become more marketable in the IT field. Working on many different projects allows contract employees to develop strong time management skills and adaptability.

Competitive pay

Despite many misconceptions about contract employment compensation, contract work offers very competitive pay. Many contract employees are often paid more per hour/day than full-time employees due to the nature of their work and the need to be flexible. Typically, employment contracts are established for a specified period in which you’ll know the duration and pay of the position ahead of time.

Work-life balance

With contract employment, employees can take as little or as much time off between contracts as they’d like. As a contract employee, you’ll have control over your career path and the freedom to take on jobs that interest you and align with your professional goals. This type of control affords greater job satisfaction and an improved work-life balance, as you’ll be able to call the shots.

Is contract employment right for you?

Depending on your personality and career goals, contract employment may be a great option to explore. If you’re seeking a staffing agency to help you find contract employment, let TekPartners help you find an exciting new opportunity today!

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