Benefits of Maintaining Contact with Your Tech Recruiter

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If you’re an IT worker, chances are you’ve worked with a tech recruiter when seeking employment, especially if you take on IT contract jobs. During an IT job search, you’ll likely have constant contact with your recruiter as you navigate the interview and hiring processes. But did you know that your IT recruiter can be invaluable to your tech career long after you sign on the dotted line? Here are some benefits of maintaining contact with your tech recruiter:


Not only does keeping your tech recruiter in your network benefit you, but it can also benefit your wider network as other connections undergo their own IT job searches. If a connection of yours is on the tech job market, your recruiter might just know of the perfect opportunity for them. Connecting your recruiter with fellow IT professionals benefits the recruiter, their client, and the candidate, all while giving you the opportunity to nurture those relationships. Ultimately, networking is mutually beneficial, so the more that you do to help others in your network, the more they will be willing to help you in return.

Career Guidance

Because you work so closely with your recruiter, they’ll likely know the ins and outs of your educational and professional background, your career goals, and your areas of interest better than most. With that being said, keeping your IT recruiter up to date on the latest and greatest developments in your personal and professional life will allow them to provide you with guidance and feedback as you progress in your tech career. This will grant you the support you need to live up to your greatest potential as an IT professional in the long run.

Future Opportunities

Last but not least, if your IT recruiter has placed you in a tech role before, they’ll likely be eager to keep in touch to jump on the opportunity to connect you with your next tech role when the time comes. Maintaining contact with your tech recruiter will ensure that you know exactly who to turn to when it’s time to look for a new IT job. You’ll also be on the top of their mind when exciting IT job opportunities land on their desk. Better yet, because you’ll have developed a relationship with your IT recruiter over time, they’ll know exactly the kind of opportunity that would be a good fit for you!

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