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Case Study: ServiceNow Platform


The client was facing a challenge that many companies encounter. They were transitioning from their legacy helpdesk platform to one of the fastest growing cloud platforms, ServiceNow. During this process, the client was struggling to find qualified professionals to keep up with the ticket backlog at a cost-effective price. They were also experiencing difficulties with retaining the right professionals in the current market. This particular client needed an elegant, cost effective solution that would allow the company to move old tickets into the new ServiceNow environment through a full integration with the old system and maintain the right talent going forward.


INSPYR Solutions has heard similar scenarios from clients numerous times in the years we have been helping businesses find the right solutions. Our team of experts proposed our exclusive INSPYR Solutions Talent Accelerator Program as the optimal solution for this situation. The INSPYR Solutions Talent Accelerator Program takes qualified IT professionals and puts them through a four step training program that formally trains and develops ServiceNow consultants. In addition to providing structured training, the INSPYR Solutions Talent Accelerator Program provides direct oversight by one of our INSPYR Solutions industry experts who ensures work is done properly and efficiently.

INSPYR Solutions works closely with clients to establish quality and velocity service levels to guarantee that the highest standards are met. By leveraging formal training, a INSPYR Solutions industry expert, and the power of the ServiceNow platform, our consultants ramp faster and stay longer without sacrificing speed or quality.


It is estimated that the client, with a team of three, will save 10% in the first year and be over 11% more productive. This is a hard cost savings compared to a team of the same size that was not enhanced by our INSPYR Solutions Talent Accelerator Program or working under the structures put in place by our team. The longevity of retaining and training employees is an enormous cost savings as well as being essential to team cohesiveness in the work environment.

Client Profile

The client has been providing mortgage services to homebuyers for over 30 years. With over 150 branches across the U.S., the client’s mission is to provide the guidance and support buyers need in order to make sound decisions with the help of experienced and knowledgeable loan officers.

Technologies Supported

ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) makes work, work better for people. Our cloud‑based platform and solutions deliver digital experiences that help people do their best work. For more information, visit

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