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Most people don’t associate contract or temporary positions with professional IT work. But companies throughout IT are increasingly relying on contract workers to enhance their strategic agility and fill holes in their workforce. The pay might not be as high, and you can’t expect to get benefits, but contract positions aren’t the concession or compromise that many people expect. Here’s why accepting one might be the right next step on your career journey:

Broaden Your Skill Set

Professional development is essential for long-term success in IT. Accepting a contract position is a great way to get exposed to new technologies, work closely with experts in these technologies, and pick up some valuable training and experience without going back to school. Many IT professionals find that contract positions keep them on the cutting edge.

Introduce Yourself to a Company

If you know you want to work for a company but they don’t have any positions available, taking contract work instead is a great way to get your foot in the door. After spending time in the office, you learn the finer points of the company culture and show your superiors firsthand how talented you are. When a more permanent position does become available, you have an immediate leg up on all the other candidates.

Expand Your Professional Network

You never know where the next big opportunity will come from. Taking a contract position helps you connect with other IT professionals and add names to your professional network. One of those connections could lead directly to a full-time job somewhere else.

Enjoy More Variety in Your Professional Life

For a lot of IT professionals, the thought of spending the next 20 or 30 years with the same company is a terrifying proposition. Contract work lets you move around between lots of companies and lots of positions. If you find yourself getting restless with traditional employment options, this is a simple solution.

Focus on Your Strengths

Unlike permanent employees, contract workers are usually brought in because they have one specific area of expertise that can contribute to one specific part of a project. In that way, contract workers get to stay in their comfort zone and spend their days excelling at things they’re good at. For many, that is an appealing alternative to the stress and strain of a full-time position.

Finally, remember that contract work is always temporary, and typically short term. So if you try it and find it’s not right for your career, you can try something else before long. If you’re ready to explore this option further, connect with the team at INSPYR Solutions via our job board.


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