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If you are preparing for a tech job interview, don’t make the common mistake of assuming that you will be the only focus of the interview. You will be asked a lot about your skills, experience, character, and history, but you will also be expected to demonstrate knowledge about the company you are applying with. Too many interviewees neglect this important step, and it ends up making them seem like they are jumping at any opportunity and have no particular passion for or commitment to this specific opportunity. Use these strategies to help you prepare:

Learn about the History of the Company

In order to know where a company is headed, it is important to know where they came from. Spend some time researching the history of the company online, and be sure to note the major milestones and setbacks in the company’s past.

Learn about the Culture of the Company

Today’s recruiters are looking for candidates that can fit into the culture of a company and reflect its values in and out of work. Researching the culture of a company is a little trickier, but if you use a careful eye and ear to analyze pictures of company events, the language used in the mission statement, quotes from founders and executives, and other abstract sources, a profile will begin to develop. During your interview, try to frame yourself as a natural fit for this culture.

Learn about the Company’s Clients

If you get the job, they will become your clients, too. The more you understand about the company’s target customer, the better equipped you will be to serve their needs and anticipate their wants. Apply the same research techniques you used to learn about company history to get a clearer picture of current and potential clients.

Learn about the Company’s Competitors

There is stiff competition in the tech sector, and there are few markets where a single company dominates. Employers are looking for recruits that can give them a strategic advantage, even if they are applying for an entry-level position. Understanding the competition can help you frame yourself as a candidate who is uniquely equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


If this sounds like a lot to learn, it is. But if you are serious about getting the job, you need to make a concerted effort to learn about the company that is recruiting you. During the interview, be mindful of how you work this information into the conversation. Be sure that you offer up information organically, and don’t bring things up just to show off your level of preparation. Ultimately, this strategy will work against you. Follow the lead of your interviewer, and take advantage of opportunities when they come. Contact the experienced IT recruiting team at INSPYR Solutions before your interview to learn more about standing out when you sit down with the hiring manager. Search open jobs to start the contact process.

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