Contract IT Work Myths Debunked

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contract IT work myths debunked

Are you an IT professional looking for new opportunities? If you’re ready for a change from your typical 9-5 job, you may want to consider contract IT employment. Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding contract work which may deter you from pursuing this avenue. It’s important to know the facts and educate yourself about what contract IT jobs are truly about. Here are three of the most common contract IT work myths debunked:

Contractors become less competitive.

Some people avoid contract IT work, as they believe working outside the parameters of a traditional, full-time job will result in their skills and expertise becoming irrelevant. This couldn’t be further from the truth! As a contract IT worker, you’ll gain a vast degree of experience from being part of a variety of teams and work environments. With each contract assignment expanding your technical knowledge base, you’ll become even more marketable in the IT field. What’s important is that you take advantage of opportunities on each assignment to learn and grow as a professional. By developing the most cutting-edge skills in each position, you’ll give yourself a competitive advantage as your career progresses.

Contractors don’t fit into companies’ cultures.

While this may have been the case at some companies in the past, IT contractors at many organizations today are heavily immersed in company culture. Because contractors work so closely with full-time staff, they are often treated as a core part of the team – working in tandem on projects to meet joint goals. Organizations have made an increasing effort to integrate contractors with their full-time employees to improve collaboration and communication in IT departments. This has resulted in an improved culture for both parties, in which IT contractors are often included in company gatherings such as happy hours, lunches and informal training.

Contract workers have less work-life balance.

Many people believe contractors are constantly trying to catch their next gig. In the IT field, however, contract IT employees often have great flexibility throughout the year and can take time off around different months or seasons – such as holiday time or summer. As long as you’re committed to fulfilling the expectations set forth by your staffing firm and the employer, you’ll be in the clear to establish your schedule and block off time throughout the year as needed.

As you can see, contract IT employment has much to offer IT professionals looking for a career shift, while still growing their skills and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. These, among many other factors, make contract IT positions some of the best jobs around!

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