Why Getting Certified Will Help You Get a Job in Tech

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Why Getting Certified Will Help You Get a Job in Tech

There are many kinds of IT certifications, and research suggests that employers are placing a great deal of value on candidates that have the right ones. If you are looking for a job in IT right now, think seriously about adding a few certifications to your resume. Adding sought-after IT certifications to your arsenal can help you get a job now and can pay dividends for years down the road. Here are some of the reasons why getting certified is a good idea:

Broaden Your Skill Set

The more certifications you have, the more IT positions you are qualified for, both contract IT jobs and permanent IT positions. It’s a good idea to pick one area to start with, like security or architecture, and focus exclusively on those certifications to display deep expertise. Conversely, you can combine certifications from multiple areas to show off wide ranging and interdisciplinary skills. Take a look at the job descriptions for the types of jobs you’re after to see what certifications hiring managers are seeking – this can help you choose which certifications to get.

Quantify Your Expertise

You can learn any number of new skills in your spare time, but the certification process proves to potential employers that you have truly mastered them. When you can say that Microsoft or Oracle has trained you, tested you, and given you their seal of approval, it resonates louder with potential employers. Use certifications by these trusted authorities to demonstrate your own expertise.

Demonstrate Initiative

Completing certification courses shows that you are committed to learning new tech skills and staying ahead of the curve. Employers will look favorably on potential IT employees that approach their work as a passion and are eager to learn and grow. If you have devoted your time and resources to pick up new skills, it reflects positively on your work ethic and level of commitment to the field.

Show Off Your Adaptability

The pace of technological change is increasing every year. Employers want to work with IT professionals that can identify how the industry is changing and prepare accordingly. If you have earned the latest certifications, it demonstrates that you have the intelligence, flexibility, and foresight to understand changing technologies. An adaptable mindset will make you an asset to any IT team, making you a choice candidate to hiring managers.

Separate Yourself from the Competition

Competition in the IT job market is tough, but keeping current certifications is a great way to separate yourself from other applicants. If you have similar education and experience to another candidate, but you have an extra certification, you gain an immediate advantage. The quality of an applicant’s certifications is an easy metric for judging their aptitude.

Current Hot IT Certifications

Here are some of the top IT certifications that are in demand right now:

One last thing to consider is that not all certifications are created equally. Some are rigorous and comprehensive, like those listed above, while others exist primarily to make money. Research and vet any certification before committing to it to ensure that you are getting what you need from the course.

Looking to Take the Next Step in Your IT Career?

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