Why Getting IT Certifications Will Help You Land the Job

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In today’s hyper-competitive hiring landscape, candidates in tech must be proactive in presenting their best selves to employers. Not only must they have the most coveted skills and experience, but also the credentials to back up their qualifications. As a tech candidate, acquiring certifications in your industry can be very influential in helping you get a new job.  Here’s why:

Showcase specialties.

Acquiring certifications in specific areas, such as help desk/desktop analyst or network certifications, demonstrates to employers you have specialized knowledge and professional skills in these areas. Rather than simply presenting a broad scope of qualifications, this shows you’ve focused your time and attention on a couple of areas in your field so you can perform your best and excel in this realm.

Professional growth.

In many ways, earning certifications indicates a willingness to advance yourself. Through acquiring certifications, you’ll show you’re committed to your professional growth and desire to keep learning about the latest trends and developments in your industry. Employers look heavily at this, as they seek candidates in their applicant pools who possess a longing to work hard and make positive contributions to their workplace.

Higher salary potential.

Having certifications puts you in a position to have a greater earning potential in your tech job. Because you’ll be a more attractive candidate, you’ll shine above the competition and have more leverage in the negotiation process. Once you land a job, you’ll also increase your chances of earning a promotion or salary raise within a shorter period.

Without a doubt, earning certifications in your field will make you more marketable and put you on the path to greater career success. You’ll also improve your confidence and skills in the process!

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