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The internet permeates nearly every aspect of our personal and work lives. That popularity has made websites one of the most important business tools a company can deploy. HTML administrators play a critical role in keeping sites up to date, attractive, user-friendly and secure, and there are vast opportunities for IT professionals in HTML and web administration.

Job Description

HTML administrators and Web administrators maintain company websites and offer technical support to users. They are tasked with programming the operations of a website to make it visually appealing, functional, and usable.  Admins must be proficient in HTML programming and other languages in order implement, monitor and troubleshoot a site and its infrastructure.

HTML administrators must be able to work with both the technical development side of a Web team and the artistic, graphic side of the team. Creative artists may have a vision for the way something should look on a site and how it should function without deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of deploying that vision. As a result, admins must not only be highly skilled in HTML and programming, but they must also possess the people skills to help maintain harmony on the team.

Increasingly, administrators are also tasked with a bit of analytics work, as well.  Websites are a critical means of gathering information about users and customers, and admins must be able to collect data and statistics for strategic planning efforts.

Educational Requirements

There are no hard-and-fast rules that dictate the educational requirements for HTML and Web administrators. Most admins hold at least a two-year degree in a computer technology field. Employers typically want to hire individuals who have hands-on experience in HTML as well as expertise in a variety of coding languages and environments.

Job Outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), demand for HTML administrators and Web administrators is expected to experience above-average growth. They project that growth to reach twelve percent through 2022, with an average salary of around $76,000.

Current Vacancies

TekPartners works with a variety of companies looking for IT professionals with HTML administrator experience. These jobs represent a range of scopes and responsibilities. Our recruiters are currently working to fill some of the most sought-after IT positions in the country, and we work closely with our talent network to connect candidates with a position that compliments their unique skills and expertise. If you are an experienced HTML administrator or Web administrator looking for new challenges in admin positions, or in development or project management, we invite you to visit our job board today. After scanning our open positions, reach out to a recruiter to learn more about our commitment to your success.

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