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For now and into the foreseeable future, Java developer will be one of the most in-demand positions for contract IT professionals. The Java platform is already widely used, and it is seeing increased integration into mobile platforms. With no viable alternative on the horizon, the utility and necessity of Java is expected to endure for some time.

The uses of Java are varied, but in almost every environment where a user interacts with electronic information, Java is present in some form. That makes the position of Java developer one of the most dynamic in the IT industry. Every company uses Java in a different way, and to different ends, which is why they are clamoring to recruit IT professionals with in-depth Java expertise. If you are looking for lucrative and intellectually satisfying contract IT work, consider becoming a Java Developer.

Responsibilities of a Java Developer

  • Analyzes user requirements to define site objectives.
  • Plans and designs user interfaces for Internet/intranet applications.
  • Balances the benefits and hazards of in-house development vs. purchased alternatives.
  • Designs database architecture and server scripting in order to fully integrate applications.
  • Creates multimedia applications using the required authoring tools.
  • Handles all aspects of IT project management.
  • Composes documents and guides to support the user experience.

Technical Skills of a Java Developer

  • Web programming
  • Web user interface design
  • Software requirement analysis
  • Object-oriented design
  • Multimedia content development
  • Software development

IT departments of all sizes, in every industry, and throughout the country are eager to find qualified Java developers. If you have skills with the Java platform, put them to work in a professional capacity.  To learn more about what is required, or to identify contract Java developer positions in your area, consult our job board.

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