How to Bounce Back from a Bad IT Job Interview

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We’ve all been there at some point. You think you have all the strategies you need to absolutely crush a tech job interview and things don’t go as planned – but don’t lose hope! Whether you didn’t show your technical abilities to the fullest during the testing phase, or they told you that you’re just not a good fit for the company culture, there are countless reasons why a company might thank you for your time and say they went with another candidate. Here’s how you can bounce back from an IT job interview that didn’t go so well and improve your chances for the next time.

Examine What Happened

Sometimes, you’re asked questions that you couldn’t answer, or maybe you didn’t perform well on the technical interview and didn’t fully represent what was on your resume. Maybe you were having an off day because of something else going on in your life. Nerves or feeling intimidated can factor into how the interview goes. Take an objective look at what happened during the interview so you can pinpoint where things might have gone poorly so you can prepare to do better next time. Maybe you need to prepare better answers to certain questions that came up in the interview or work on calming your nerves through more practice. Pinpointing where things went wrong is the first step to picking back up and doing better next time.

Consider Other Factors

Cultural fit can be a huge factor in whether you are selected for a role. Sometimes you can check the boxes for all the technical skills but may not have the personality and overall fit for the company culture. For instance, a situation where a tech professional who has been working for a company with a stuffier, more rigid IT group may not necessarily be a cultural fit for a company with a more fast-paced, startup type of culture. While rejection might sting, finding a job where the culture is a good match is important for your own growth and happiness too, so the silver lining might be avoiding a bad culture fit that could hamper your career. What can you do next time around? Research the company culture and ask your IT recruiter for more information on this aspect of the company’s profile. Finding a role with a great cultural fit will be best for everyone, so it’s important to consider when applying to IT jobs.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

It’s important to know what you’re walking into when preparing for an IT job interview. If you’ve just had a rough interview, the best thing you can do is prepare very thoroughly for the next one. By doing research on the role and company ahead of time, you will be better prepared for various scenarios and potential pitfalls, and you will have a better idea of what the company culture looks like. If you work with an experienced IT recruiter like our Delivery Managers here at INSPYR Solutions, then you will have a great deal of information to help you prepare to interview with the specific hiring manager for that role. Your Delivery Manager will also help you understand what to expect if there will be technical tests as well as what kind of company culture you will encounter.


Showing confidence in interviews helps you make a better first impression and be more memorable. When walking into your next interview, it’s extremely important to exude confidence without coming across as conceited. Keep good eye contact while listening, and equally important, while speaking, and be mindful of your body language! You want to stand and sit in a way that communicates positive body language – sit up straight and don’t cross your arms; maintain good eye contact; show that you are listening by nodding now and then; smile genuinely. This helps you exude confidence. It can be a “fake it ‘til you make it” kind of situation for some people, but practice makes perfect. If this is a weak point in your interview skills, then practice with a friend or family member until you feel more comfortable displaying confident, open body language.

Looking for Your Next IT Job?

Interviews can be tough, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you have one go poorly. Learn from your mistakes and prepare thoroughly for the next one so you can ace it. By being prepared and knowledgeable about the company, role, and the hiring manager, you’ll be sure to have a great interview.

If you’re ready to flex your interview skills, check out our open roles and apply today.

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