How to End an IT Job Interview on a High Note

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You came prepared for the tech job interview, answered every technical question thrown your way with confidence, and maintained your professionalism despite the IT job search nerves. You’ve reached the end of the interview and it’s time to leave your interviewer wanting more. But how? If this sounds familiar, consider using these strategies to end your next IT job interview on a high note:

Seize the Moment

Generally speaking, the final question in any IT job interview will be something along the lines of “do you have any questions for us?” Even if deep down your answer is no, always be sure to seize the moment by utilizing this opportunity to further demonstrate your preparedness. Coming into the interview with this question pre-planned will set you up for success and leave a lasting impression on your IT job interviewer. This question should relate back to the organization itself to show your interviewer that you’ve read up on the company and have a strong understanding of its mission. For example, asking a follow-up question based on a recent article published on the organization’s website is not only timely, but also relevant. In doing so, you’ll ensure that you stand out to the tech interviewer amongst the other IT candidates.

Reiterate Your Interest

In seizing the moment by asking a final question about the organization, you’ll reiterate your interest in not only the IT job, but also the organization as a whole. This will give you a leg up on other tech candidates who may be interested in the IT position itself, but who don’t know much about the wider organization. From its origins and history to its most recent awards and accomplishments, being well-versed in the organization’s brand, mission, and culture will allow you to express genuine interest, enabling you to shine during your IT job interview. In order to get the offer, the organization will have to want you – but showing the organization that you want them back creates a mutual feeling of excitement about the possibility of working together. It’s a win-win!

Ask About Next Steps

In any interview, whether it be for an IT job or something else, always follow-up with your interviewer to ask about any next steps. This not only bolsters your seizing of the moment and further reiterates your interest in both the tech role and the organization itself, but it also provides you with a rough timeline. Rather than sitting by the phone waiting for a call that hasn’t come, asking your IT job interviewer about any next steps will give you clarity about when you should expect to hear from them, as well as through what medium (text, phone call, email, etc.). In doing so, you’ll also get a sense of your competition as they may have many more IT candidates to interview before they make a final decision, or they may have none. Better yet, this gives your interviewer an opportunity to express their interest in you as a tech candidate, which can boost your confidence and ease your anxiety throughout your IT job search.

Are You in the Midst of an IT Job Search?

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