How to Fight Emotional Exhaustion When Applying for Tech Jobs

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Are you physically or mentally exhausted from trying to find your next tech position? With the IT job hunt having so many moving parts, it can become easy to feel emotionally drained throughout the application and interview processes. With that being said, taking control of your mental health will be key for navigating your tech job hunt. Here are three ways in which you can fight emotional exhaustion during your IT job search:

Revisit your tech job search goals.

Every effective IT job search should include at least one or two overarching goals or objectives. When you’ve hit a roadblock along the way, it can be helpful to revisit your initial goals and identify what you may need to do to get back on track. For example, if one of your tech job search goals was to secure a new IT position in just a few weeks, you may need to adjust this to a more realistic timeline. Reframing your goals as needed will allow you to reset your headspace so that you can better strategize your search for a new tech role.

Check in with a tech mentor.

If you’re constantly getting rejected by potential employers, you can naturally start to feel deflated during the IT job search process. During times of stress and anxiety, checking in with a supportive tech mentor can provide the guidance and motivation you need to continue navigating your IT job hunt. Often, a tech mentor can offer words of encouragement, networking tips, and valuable insight into how your application materials can be improved, ultimately generating more IT job prospects.

Take a step back.

Sometimes it can be refreshing to take a step back and reflect on your progress during the tech job search. Even if you haven’t secured a new IT job yet, chances are you’ve had some small wins along the way. For example, have you made new connections with hiring managers and employers? Did you expand your network during a career fair or professional industry event? Considering the ways in which you’ve grown your professional circle and increased your tech job prospects along the way can help you to regain the confidence you’ll need to keep moving forward.

By taking these necessary steps to fight emotional exhaustion during your tech job search, you’ll do a better job at overcoming roadblocks along the way while maintaining momentum!

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