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It’s not enough to simply have a job. You want to work in a space where you’re enabled to be productive, efficient, collaborative, and innovative. You also want to be comfortable and happy while you work. So how do you figure out what your own ideal work environment includes? Focus on these features, and be sure to have a response prepared for the next time a hiring manager brings this up during a job interview:


Some people thrive in the hustle and bustle of a big office while others would prefer to work in a small space or with a small group of people. Some people like big, open office layouts while other like the close quarters of a cubicle, or better yet a private office. There is also the impact that the size of the company has on the work that you do and your role five years down the road. Decide if you like things big, small, or some hybrid of the two.


One person may like the casual feel of an office where everyone wears jeans, while another person might like the serious, professional feel you get when everyone is wearing neckties. In some offices, there is a strong sense of collaboration and an essentially flat power structure; in other offices there are sharply defined roles and clear systems of ranking in place. Which would you prefer?


Achieving a balance between work and life is important for us all, but to different degrees. For instance, a working parent might prefer a more flexible schedule and work-from-home opportunities, while a young professional might be more focused on establishing and advancing her career. This is an important feature to think about because it affects not just your time at work but potentially every hour of the day.


What are your personal goals, beliefs, values, and priorities? More important, how much of a priority is it for your employer to share those? Before applying for any job, be sure to look up the company’s mission statement. If you find yourself agreeing with the way they operate, you’re probably a good fit for the company. Find a way to express that fit, and then emphasize to the person you interview with that you’re not just qualified, you’re uniquely positioned to thrive.

Now that you have a better idea of what your ideal working environment looks like, it’s time to find a company that shares that approach and has positions available. Work with the team at INSPYR Solutions to find more opportunities suited for you.

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