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Are you an IT professional who is struggling to land a new job? It may be time to take a step back and reflect on what you’re doing. What you may not realize is there are many common mistakes IT professionals make during the job search process. By taking note of these common blunders and seeking the proper help and guidance, you can be proactive in improving your job search success:

Failing to grow and maintain your network.

With many organizations increasingly hiring candidates on a referral basis, you can’t afford not to grow and maintain a robust network of contacts. If you haven’t done so already, it’s worth the time and effort to invest in your professional network both through in-person meetings and social networking channels. In many instances, somebody in your network will be able to connect you to a job opportunity you would never have known about otherwise. By regularly cultivating relationships with others, you’ll gain an advantage in the job-search process and become informed about employment opportunities that have not been made public.

A weak online presence.

As an IT professional, your online presence is highly reflective of your ability to perform well on the job. You will inevitably be judged on what shows up in search rankings for your resume, such as social media profiles. If an employer searches your name online and comes up with nothing, that may be a red flag to them you are not serious about your job search, or worse, incompetent with technology. If you’re actively looking for a job, you should have a strong web presence – especially on professional networking sites like LinkedIn. By developing a positive online reputation, you’ll gain more exposure to potential job opportunities and professionals in the IT industry.

Not using a recruiter.

One of the most common mistakes of IT job seekers is not using a staffing recruiter. Though you may think you can find a new job on your own, a staffing agency can help you identify opportunities more efficiently. In addition, a staffing agency can find jobs that best align with your talents, saving you from applying to jobs that aren’t a good match. Establishing a relationship with a recruiter can be a huge source of guidance throughout the job search process, as they will serve as an advocate for your future employment success.

By not making the mistakes above, you’ll improve your job search and reduce your own stress and anxiety. Building your network and using a trusted recruiter can easily leverage your job hunt and help you ultimately find a position that’s the best fit for you.

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