Job Spotlight: DevOps Engineer

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Job Spotlight: DevOps Engineer

Are you an IT professional in the process of exploring various concentrations in the field? Or maybe you are looking to add new skills to your toolbox? For those with an interest in the field, working in a DevOps engineering capacity can provide rewarding and meaningful work both personally and professionally. DevOps engineers are needed to facilitate processes and oversee IT and software operations as organizations of all sizes strive to keep their tech systems running as smoothly as possible. If you’re looking to make a career shift, here are some of the reasons to consider a DevOps engineering career. What you should know about being a DevOps engineer:

Growing demand.

The great news about the DevOps field is that jobs are in high demand across the country. With many companies turning to DevOps practices to ensure their software is operating as efficiently as possible, many employees are needed to guarantee that practices are being implemented properly. However, because of the field’s specific and complex set of skills, it’s difficult for many employers to find the right talent. If you’re a reliable professional who’s focused on your own growth, you’ll have the foundation to excel on this career path.

Emphasis on professional development.

Because DevOps engineers can come from a variety of educational and training backgrounds, it’s important to invest in your professional development to stand out from the competition. Depending on your specific concentrations or areas of interest in the DevOps field, there are many certifications and resources that can help you further develop your expertise and boost your knowledge in related skills, such as coding and automation tools. It’s also critical to focus on your individual performance while engaging in cross-team collaboration, as DevOps are typically directly involved with other teams in development, operations and security.

Growth potential.

One of the most exciting aspects of a career in DevOps is that the field is projected to keep growing dramatically. According to a recent article by The Enterprisers Project, “a DevOps engineer is the most in-demand title for the future.” Because of their unique area of expertise, DevOps talent is in high demand, and many professionals in these roles can use their experience to pivot to more advanced positions both within their organizations and elsewhere, with commensurate salaries.

As you can see, DevOps engineering positions have much to offer from both a professional development and monetary standpoint. Taking into account the factors above, you can make an informed decision about whether this type of career path is best for your skills, abilities and career goals.

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