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Effective marketing never relies on a one size-fits-all strategy. It wouldn’t do anyone any good to use the same technique to sell cheap soft drinks to average consumers and complicated business technologies to major corporations. The responsibility for the latter falls on marketing engineers, specialized marketing professionals who use their deep understanding of engineering to connect with technically-oriented consumers. If you love engineering but feel that your true strengths lie in sales, this career path offers a unique ability to combine both.

Job Description

High-tech products like hardware and software are built by specialized engineers but often used by a non or semi-technical user base. That means when the product is first developed, there needs to be an intermediary that can explain the features and benefits of the product to consumers who may not fully understand it. That is the job of a marketing engineer. These professionals often work directly with clients at trade shows and other industry events giving demonstrations and explaining how the new technology can benefit the targeted customer. They often also work with technical writers to craft manuals and brochures, and serve as a liaison when a product needs to be upgraded or repaired.

Educational Requirements

Marketing engineers rely on the skills of both marketers and engineers. But it’s typically more important to have formal education in engineering, particularly mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or computer science. Formal training in marketing is also helpful, but often the best salespeople are born and not built. First and foremost, companies will want to know that the marketing engineers understand the nuts and bolts of their products and can explain them with fluency and accuracy.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for marketing engineers (labeled as sales engineers in their research) is strong but not exceptional. The field is expected to grow by nine percent by 2022, adding 5,900 jobs. That is as fast as the national average for job growth in all industries. By their estimates, these professionals currently earn on average $91,830 per year or $44.15 per hour. One thing worth remembering is that while this industry is not growing as fast as some, it is largely immune to outsourcing and automation, especially as technology becomes increasingly complex and ubiquitous. Companies will always have a need for qualified professionals to explain and demonstrate their innovations to consumers.

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