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One of the most frustrating things about job interviews is that you have to describe rather than demonstrate your skills. And when it comes to tech professions, it can be especially difficult to establish your credentials without actually sitting in front of a computer. Below are some strategies you can use to demonstrate your technical aptitude in the limited framework of a job interview.

Use Examples

You have probably used your resume to list the various software packages and systems that you have experience with. During the interview, go a step further and describe specific experiences when you used that experience to complete a project faster than expected, exceed your manager’s expectations, or get more out of the technology than previously thought possible. Try to frame your experience in the context of accomplishments and results.

Provide Proof

Some employers will ask you to take a computing skills test during your interview or write out a section of code. Make sure that you are prepared for these kinds of examinations, and prepare a backup if a test is not part of the interview. You might make a video of yourself working though a complicated logic problem, or bring in a particularly impressive piece of code that you completed. Demonstrating your skills provides proof of your experience while also showing your enthusiasm for getting the job.

Think Big Picture

One of the most effective and exciting ways to showcase your tech experience is to describe to a hiring manager how the technologies they use, and that you are expert in, will evolve. Being able to predict the future of these technologies highlights just how well you understand them, and how important your expertise will be moving forward. Just make sure your predictions are realistic and informed.

Get Credentials

If you anticipate a long career in IT, consider turning your expertise into actual credentials by completing relevant certification programs. These programs are specifically designed to teach you the most relevant skills, and the reputable ones are run by companies your hiring manager will be familiar with. The amount of time and money you have to invest might seem prohibitive, but over the long term, having these certifications on your resume provides powerful proof of experience.

Talk to an Expert

It’s entirely possible that the person who interviews you will be an HR professional with limited technical experience. If possible, try to speak to someone on the IT team that has similar experiences to your own. They are much better equipped to evaluate your experiences and measure your skill level. If this conversation doesn’t happen during the interview, try to connect with someone while your are touring the office or meeting your prospective boss.

Now you know how to showcase your technical experience, but how do you also highlight your work ethic, soft skills, and management potential? Learn the nuances of effective interviewing by working with the career counselors at INSPYR Solutions. Get started by searching our open opportunities.

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