Tips for Showing Empathy to Land the Job

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Showing Empathy to Land the Job

In the ever-growing tech industry, there’s no denying that hard skills are crucial. As workplaces become increasingly fast-paced, IT employees must be exceedingly adept at applying technical abilities to challenges and demands on the job. Because of an emphasis on technical qualifications, the importance of soft skills is often overlooked in IT candidates. Having empathy will demonstrate to employers you have strong emotional intelligence and can work well with many types of people. As a tech employee, being able to show empathy will help you excel in teamwork and when working with customers.

Here are some ways you can demonstrate empathy to land your next tech job:

Don’t underestimate small gestures. Believe it or not, empathy can be reflected through even the smallest gestures. Offering to help a co-worker on a project or pitching in to help members of your team on a tight deadline are both examples of being empathetic in the workplace. By being mindful of others and self-aware of your own behavior, you can make a positive impact on employers and show a “team player” approach.

Discuss how you’ve overcome challenges. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate your empathy skills is by describing a time in which you overcame a challenge on the job. By explaining how you worked with others to resolve a problem or issue, you’ll illustrate an ability to work with a team even during times of turmoil or crisis. Highlighting specific examples of when you’ve demonstrated empathy will have a more powerful impact on the interviewer while giving you an opportunity to discuss your employment experience.

Look beyond your resume. Many employers will agree they’re seeking more achievements when considering candidates. While skills are certainly important, most companies want employees who care about others and the impact of their work. During interviews, make a point to share something personal about yourself, such as volunteer involvement. Giving employers a glimpse into your personal life will humanize you as a candidate, helping them see you as a person.

In every aspect of your IT career, your ability to be empathetic will be extremely beneficial. The more mindful you are about demonstrating empathy to employers, the more you’ll be able to achieve both personally and professionally!

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